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Designer Wooden Jewelry from the Workshop of Vladimir Loewestamm has arrived...

Crafted from Native Black Sea Woods

(Pistachio, Grey Mountain Ash, and Walnut)


Baltic Amber Accents

The Collection...

Adhering to his own philosophy, Vladimir Loewestamm offers conceptual collections composed of stylish necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, pendants, and belts made from species of wood native to the Black Sea Coast and the region of Crimea. The principal raw materials are grey mountain oak, ash, pistachio wood, pruned during the controlled clearing of the National Reserve. The finished products are covered with a wax-based polish to protect against everyday wear. Some products have natural Baltic amber.

Each item in the Loewestamm Collection is hand-made and unique since there are no two identical pieces of wood. A highly professional workshop team, along with stringent design control, guarantee the quality of each piece in this exclusive collection.

A family firm, Loewestamm, was founded in 1989, an expression of the vibrant spirit of the post-Soviet, new Ukraine, by designer Vladimir Loewestamm to manufacture accessories handcrafted from natural wood.

Every year, the Collection is expanded and revised to maintain a fresh and contemporary response to changing fashion. What does not change is the heirloom nature of each piece of fine jewelry.

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